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Google Yahoo! Bing

Being the narcissist that I am, I decided to Google “The Offending Party.” The very last link on the first page of results is a link to this here blog. Same for Yahoo! search. But, both were a link to what I consider my weakest post thus far. (Did I just link to what I just admitted was my weakest, un-funniest, trying-too-hard-est post? You bet I did.) So, to get The Offending Party a little higher on the page (without paying someone) and to banish the aforementioned post to the second page of search results, I am doing this: GOOGLE! YAHOO! BING! GOOGLE!! YAHOO!! Bing. (Who uses Bing anyway?) Cross your fingers.

And that really is the entirety of this post. Not even a puppy photo for your time… OK, maybe just one: