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Monday Afternoon Foosball: 11/1

Location of Italy

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Daddy’s back! Did you miss me? I know I said I was just going to the corner store for some milk and cigarettes, but that store was out of both and I had to go to Italy to get the milk and then I had to be hospitalized for missing you too much. Sorry! Who wants souvenirs?!


Let’s see: Texas lost. Again. Notre Dame lost a football game to Tulsa, their starting QB for the rest of the season to some injury (I didn’t actually watch the game), and a videographer to a gust of wind. Awesome week in South Bend – the Brian Kelly Era is off to a bangin’ start. Michigan State and Missouri both lost their first game of the season. Did I mention Texas is 4-4 and lost to Baylor? WTF?

Sunday was a better day for football as the Patriots almost literally decapitated Brett “Penis” Favre on their way to a 28-18 victory, and the Jets managed to score no points against the Packers, losing 9-0. All of those words, in that order, make me happy.

And what the hell are the Vikings and Brad Childress thinking? To my readers in Minnesota (I have readers there, right?): the head coach of the Vikings is not right in the head. Here’s to Moss re-signing with the Pats and then forging a letter from Belichick to Childress that says “Thanks for the 3rd round pick, sucka!” Aside – thinking of Minnesota reminds me of a favorite joke: Why do all the trees in Minnesota bend north? Because Iowa blows.


Tthhhbbbtt! Saw 3D won the Halloween box office with $22.5 million; Paranormal Activity 2 was second with $16.5 million. Both “films” can take a long walk on a short pier. Someone wake me up when the Oscar movies start coming out – I’ll be in the den napping.

Puppies, an Attractive Woman, a Funny Link and a Good Song

In that order:

In honor of the day after Halloween.

If you don’t like that song, there’s not much hope for you. Sorry.


The Offending Party Likes: “Drinkin’ & Smokin’ Cigarettes”

Every so often I hope to throw a post together where I grant something – a TV show, a movie, a book, a lingerie model, a breed of dog, whatever – The Offending Party’s (soon-to-be-coveted) Seal of Approval. Today:

This fun little ditty is not new to the world, but it’s new to me. Please enjoy responsibly.

Javier Bardem in Esquire

A little something for the ladies and the men who like men (a counterpoint to some of the links in the previous post):

Soy mejor que usted, y usted lo sabe

First things first: that right there is a suave looking motherf*cker. I’ve never looked that good in a suit. I’ve certainly never looked that cool smoking a cigarette. And he does look cool: black and white photo, wisps of smoke curling away from the end of a lit cigarette, penetrating gaze… it’s all there.

I do have mixed feelings about this cover, though. Actually, that’s not correct – my feelings are pretty clear-cut. But, I can see in that photo the issues of glamorizing tobacco use and of celebrities influencing behavior. And I can see how someone could find something to complain about in it. Probably something like complaining that the magazine is on a rack in a bookstore where anyone can see it, without a plastic black-out wrapper like those required of publications like Playboy or Maxim, and “what if my daughter had seen that and thought it was cool?” (I know, this is unfair, but guess what? It’s my blog – I’ll frame the argument any way I want.) Well, your daughter is right: it is cool. But, it’s cool not just because Javier is smoking a cigarette, but also due to his outfit, his pose, the photographer’s talent, Javier’s cache as a film actor and at least 4 other things I’m not smart or observant enough to notice.

This reminds me of the push to rate “R” any movie with tobacco use, an idea that The Offending Party finds, for lack of a better word, imbecilic. Read the article in the link there… I’ll wait for you. Are you back? Good. Now – what the hell was that all about? As the second commenter in that article so succinctly put it, “correlation does not prove causation.”

These are complex issues, and I have neither the patience nor the talent to delve into all their intricacies. We are, all of us, influenced by hundreds of things every day – some we’re aware of and some we are not. Will the cover of Esquire this month influence someone to begin smoking? Maybe. But it also may influence someone to dress a little sharper, someone else to take up photography and maybe a third someone else to finally quit smoking.

(Believe it or not, but this post went pretty much where I expected it to: wildly off-course and with no clear thesis. Also, it was a little too serious so I feel the need to share this:

There we go. Much better.)

(Javier Bardem image via Esquire)