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“Nah, You Can Say It.” “Lubricant.”

  • Sloane Crosley was on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night and was quite charming. Not as charming as Craig though – he might be the best celebrity interviewer we have. And by we, I mean those of us still awake watching television at 1:07 AM.
  • Terriers was also on last night. I swear this is the last time I’ll say it – this is very good television and you should be watching, if only to hear dialogue like this:

Britt: He wants us to renege on our story.

Hank: Recant. You don’t renege a story, you ahh… You renege on a deal; you recant a story.

  • Christopher Plummer has been cast as Henrik Vanger in David Fincher’s film adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. He joins Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara in the English-language remake. If you’re impatient, all three of Larsson’s books have been made into movies, albeit in Swedish. So if you’re like me and hate reading while watching a movie, you’ll wait.
  • Do yourself a favor and click here – just trust me for once, will you? It’s worth it. You’ll want to show all your friends…

The Offending Party Likes: “How Did You Get This Number”

Every so often I hope to throw a post together where I grant something – a TV show, a movie, a book, a lingerie model, a breed of dog, whatever – The Offending Party’s (soon-to-be-coveted) Seal of Approval. Today:

If only for the following passage:

In the most elaborate doodle of the night, they asked me to join them for their dress-rehearsal clown practice. It was just down the street. There would be comedy sketches. And fire swallowing. Or maybe blow jobs, the sign language for which is practically identical.

But also because:

  • I am consistently jealous of Crosley’s turns of phrase.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed her debut I Was Told There’d Be Cake.
  • The dedication page of How Did You Get This Number. You’ll just have to pick it up to see what I mean.