WTF, indeed.

If you’ve been here before, you know what to expect. If you’re new to The Offending Party, allow me to briefly explain what you’ve gotten yourself into:

  • I write about what I like, and what I like to write about. Oddly enough, those aren’t always the same things. I like football, movies, weird things on the Internet, puppies, books, music – I write about all of those things. (OK, I don’t write about puppies – I post pictures of puppies.) I like writing about all of the above, but also about television, idiocy, politics and horrible things on the Internet. I don’t really like those things, but I enjoy writing about them. Go figure.
  • If I had to describe the tone of this blog in just one word, it would be jackass.
  • Honestly, all I want to accomplish with this blog is to make the reader smile or maybe even laugh out loud. If I can make the reader think, make myself think, make my opinion on a subject clearer to me through writing about it or one day make money doing this? Great – all gravy. Really I’m just looking for a laugh.
  • I take requests – see the Contact page.
  • Thanks for being here – come back again and tell all of your friends about The Offending Party. Tell all your enemies too – I’m not picky.

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