The Offending Party Dislikes: “Skyline”

Every so often I hope to throw a post together where I grant something – a TV show, a movie, a book, an American Idol contestant, a Hollywood producer, whatever – The Offending Party’s (soon-to-be-feared) Seal of Denial. Today:

This is how I imagine this film got made (abridged):

“It’ll be like Transformers without robots or Megan Fox crossed with Independence Day without Will Smith.”


“I don’t know… maybe, $20 – $25 million?”



“We blew our whole budget on special effects. Now what?”

“Hire the black guy from Scrubs and a bunch of pretty, talent-less white people and fire the screenwriter – we’ll just have the cast ad lib various movie clichés between scenes of bright bluish light and alien spaceships.”

And… scene.


2 responses to “The Offending Party Dislikes: “Skyline”

  1. Hey T.O.P.,

    Why do films like this get made? Look, I know that many terrible films are produced for teenage viewers, but when I was a teenager, I watched great films, like Die Hard with a Vengeance and Cliffhanger, that were being produced for an older audience. I grew up with many of the films I review; I love them, and what makes me mad is that they are rarely made anymore. Instead, we get warmed-up mediocre movies produced for teenagers. We all lose here, really.

    Feel free to check out my new review today; I think you might like it.


    • Moose – Don’t know if you read the article I linked to in this post, but the guys who made this movie own the effects company that did an upcoming release called “Battlefield: LA.” That movie had a budget of $100 million +. Sony has accused these guys of ripping off the idea and making “Skyline” for anywhere between $10-$25 million, depending on the source. That trailer makes “Skyline” look fucking terrible, but if it really only cost $10 million, green-lighting it’s a no-brainer – money will be made. And that’s the be all and end all in Hollyweird. They just have to trick enough people to see it to make their money. And the effects look solid – the acting and writing look like after-thoughts. *cough, cough* TRANSFORMERS! *cough*

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